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Thank you for participating in the 2021 Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope

Karen Bremister, Trista Di Lullo, Kathleen Robb

Women find support on OVdialogue

As the pandemic continues to impact people across the country, women living with ovarian cancer are connecting with one another online to find and share support. OVdialogue is Ovarian Cancer Canada’s secure, online discussion board for women who have been diagnosed.

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Harnessing the power of vaccines to treat ovarian cancer

While there’s been plenty of news about how vaccines can be used to prevent different diseases, did you know that vaccines can also be used as treatment? Dr. Claude Perreault and his team are developing a new vaccine to treat ovarian cancer. Read all about how the vaccine works, the path to its discovery, and what’s next.  

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Living with ovarian cancer? Join us for Teal Tea.

Teal Tea is a time for connection and conversation, where women living with ovarian cancer can share their stories and learn from one another’s experiences. It’s a small group gathering that takes place entirely online. Choose from a variety of dates and times, and join us as often as you wish.

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Stories from our community

Featured Story:  Donna You are stronger than you think you are.


Being an ovarian cancer thriver was going to be my reality.


At that age I was thinking of having children.


To find new treatments, we need the clinical trials out there.

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Sep 22

Virtual (Zoom)

The Ovarian Cancer Canada Speaker Series features experts from across the country...

Sep 28

Virtual (Zoom)

Teal Tea is a time for connection and conversation, where women living with ovarian...

Sep 29

Virtual (Zoom)

This session of Teal Tea is for young women living with ovarian cancer.  Teal Tea...

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Supporting Awareness and Research

  • 3,100 Canadian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year.
  • 2.1% of donations for cancer are directed toward ovarian cancer.
  • $6M to date has been allocated to research by Ovarian Cancer Canada.
  • $10M to advance progress on ovarian cancer research in Canada*
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*A first-ever commitment from the Government of Canada (announced in the Federal Budget in March of 2019) allocated to Ovarian Cancer Canada and following years of community advocacy for increased investments in disease research.

You can help change lives

All our funding comes from people like you. Funds raised go towards support, education and research. Thank you for helping us achieve our mission.

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