Montreal, QC – The Cancer Research Society (the Society) and Ovarian Cancer Canada are proud to jointly launch a competition to fund some of Canada’s most promising research projects focused on ovarian cancer. The competition will award up to 6 grants, each totaling $225,000 over a two-year period.

This competition aims to fund preclinical/translational ovarian cancer research projects that are likely to have a significant impact on the prognoses of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, helping to improve quality of life and extend survival.

Thousands of Canadian women are living with ovarian cancer and each year another 3,100 more women are diagnosed. It is with great pride that these two organizations are joining forces to optimize funds and ensure that research on ovarian cancer continues, even as cutbacks continue to affect many other funders in the context of the pandemic. It is more important than ever to support researchers seeking to improve outcomes for people living with cancer.


Ovarian Cancer Canada is a long-standing partner of the Cancer Research Society. We are so pleased to be collaborating once again to support innovative research projects on ovarian cancer throughout Canada. Within the context of this pandemic, research is key and is more important than ever.

Manon Pepin, President and CEO, Cancer Research Society


For years, our organizations have partnered to advance research on the most fatal women’s cancer. Now, through Ovarian Cancer Canada’s OvCAN initiative, which is funded in large part by Health Canada, we are excited to build on our work with the Cancer Research Society to help women with ovarian cancer live fuller, better, and longer lives.

Elisabeth Baugh, CEO, Ovarian Cancer Canada

Researchers interested in presenting a research project are invited to do so online via the Society’s website;

Founded in 1945, the Cancer Research Society is one of the only Canadian organizations exclusively dedicated to research into all types of cancer. Since its inception, the Society has supported thousands of researchers who have made significant advances in cancer prevention, screening and treatment. Thanks to the generosity of partners and donors throughout Canada, the Society has distributed over $326 million in research grants since its creation. In 2020, 70 new research grants valued at $8.8 million were awarded, despite the pandemic having affected fundraising efforts.