Building new relationships, honouring experiences, and ramping up for the Walk.

In May, we invited community members in Quebec to gather for two very special evenings and make new connections with neighbours, community leaders, the Ovarian Cancer Canada team and researchers in and around their cities.

Ovarian Cancer Canada fills a gap by building research capacity, addressing urgent needs, and bringing hope to those living with ovarian cancer. Our teams span cross-Canada, in your community, allowing us to tailor each of our events to introduce relevant news, resources and opportunities one-to-one. The relationships we build with our communities, but most importantly the stories that are shared, are essential for developing and transforming solutions. A unified community has a greater impact.

We first met in Montreal on May 18 at La Galerie Atelier Lucie Michel for an exclusive launch event of the new gallery. Founded by Justin Jolin, La Galerie Atelier Lucie Michel offers free art-related workshops to cancer patients. The funds raised through exhibitions presented at the gallery will support Ovarian Cancer Canada and advance vital research.

Cancer de l’ovaire Canada x La Galerie Atelier Lucie Michel

Justin opened the gallery with the goal of raising awareness about ovarian cancer and providing those living with cancer a space where they can learn, apply their creativity and express their diagnosis. Named in honour of his mother, Lucie Michel, a visual artist and teacher known for her abstract and colourful landscape paintings, who was diagnosed with clear cell ovarian cancer, a rare form of the disease, and passed last fall.

“It is an inspiration to collaborate with Justin, who honours his mother’s legacy by helping people living with cancer through the healing powers of the arts and community. We are grateful for la Galerie Atelier Lucie Michel’s steadfast commitment to raising much-needed funds to advance ovarian cancer research,” says Valerie Dinh, Regional Director, Ovarian Cancer Canada.

Attendees were also introduced to Anthony Vendrame, owner of Poches et Fils, a local Quebec business. We recently launched exclusive merchandise in collaboration with Poches et Fils, for people to show their support for those affected by ovarian cancer and raise awareness. 20% of the proceeds from the sale of “L’ovaire Boy” t-shirts support Ovarian Cancer Canada.

This event celebrated our community, and we’re so grateful to all our speakers and attendees for making it such a meaningful night. If you’d like to see the exhibition, with artworks by Teal Sisters, Sandra Viviana Murillo Morales, Chantal Charpentier and the late Lucie Michel, the event was captured by photographer, Nicolas Abou, and photos are available now on our Facebook.

La Galerie Atelier Lucie Michel de Montréal
La Galerie Atelier Lucie Michel de Montréal
La Galerie Atelier Lucie Michel de Montréal

On May 25, in Quebec City, we shifted focus towards the launch of the 2023 Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope coming up in September. Dedicated volunteers, long-time participants and team captains, Teal Sisters and community members gathered to learn more about this year’s Walk.

Hosted by Rehnuma Kamal, Regional Manager, this informal gathering inspired attendees to pick up the pace on ovarian cancer, join the movement and improve outcomes for all those affected.

May 25 event in Quebec

“We’ve seen teams of all sizes across the country come together in support of this important cause – and we even saw new teams formed in the remotest areas. That’s why coming out of the pandemic, we’ve continued to offer the option for individuals and teams to do a DIY Walk – or virtual Walk. We’ve seen great success in the past and we are looking forward to seeing what our community in Quebec City will pull together for their DIY Walk,” says Rehnuma.

The Walk is a nationwide event, and there are over 30 other locations outside of Quebec, as well as opportunities for anyone to join virtually. So, if you don’t live near a Walk location, don’t let that stop you – every walk, big or small, is key to the success of our mission to progress against this disease.

Like in Quebec City, we highly encourage individuals and teams to register as a virtual participant and organize a DIY Walk your own way. The team at Ovarian Cancer Canada is here to support you and provide guidance whether you’re walking, running, hiking, cycling or taking a route in a wheelchair. Your participation and fundraising pushes ovarian cancer research further, faster.

“We are taking part in the Walk in memory of Katia Bilodeau (1973-2023) and for all those who can be saved through research. We want to continue Katia’s efforts to give women with cancer greater hope of recovery. And we are very grateful to be able to count on the great generosity of the Charlevoix community,” says Katbil-Charlevoix, Teal Sister participating in the Walk.

The funds raised by participants of the Walk help to ensure access to crucial lifelines for those who need them most. This includes funds for research of ovarian cancer, advocacy to ensure everyone has access to the best available treatment regardless of where they live, and support. Join us for the 2023 Walk on Sunday, September 10, 2023. It is time to raise our voices loud, rally as a community, and demand action. We cannot do it without you.

We look forward to hosting more events like these to celebrate, connect and learn as a community. To learn how you can make a difference for those living with and at risk of ovarian cancer, visit

Ovarian Cancer Canada is accelerating ovarian cancer research and taking it to new heights; the next big breakthrough is around the corner. Your donations help ensure this work continues. Please consider making a donation today.