Happy New Year to you. As we launch into the year ahead, it’s time to be bold.

We are making strategic and well-informed choices about who we are as an organization, how we need to evolve and grow, and how we can make the greatest impact to achieve our winning aspiration. We are evaluating our work critically – what we have been doing, what we must continue and what we need to reimagine.

Things that we didn’t think were possible 50 years ago, maybe even five years ago, we’ve achieved – and then some. Just imagine what can come next. Lives can and will be saved.

We are setting an ambitious direction for the future that is informed by you, members of our community and dedicated supporters. Today, I am reinvigorated, because as part of the strategic planning process, we see how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. We cannot stop now. The women affected by this disease deserve no stone left unturned.

The progress we’ve made in the research labs at leading institutions transcends communities far and wide and has already made a powerful impact on the lives of those who need it most. Research knows no bounds and has led to new discoveries that will help people with ovarian cancer live fuller, better, longer lives and offer new treatment options. We have earned international recognition for Canada as a leader in pioneering transformative research and discoveries. And to be able to build on this momentum is nothing short of groundbreaking.

There’s no time like the present to make our unwavering commitment to research to enhance prevention, treatment and save lives.

Ovarian Cancer Canada is filling a gap, we need to be here – for the women who are living with ovarian cancer today, and the 3,000 Canadians who will be diagnosed in 2023.

We are driving ovarian cancer research in Canada faster than ever before. The research we lead is changing the landscape of available treatment options. Ovarian cancer research is a priority that will not be ignored. After decades without real change, improved outcomes are possible – finally.

Research is at the core of our mission and our investments and provides hope for those affected. Ovarian Cancer Canada will continue to deliver on its track record of success, better understand how health inequities impact those affected by the disease, keep those with lived experience front-and-center and answer key questions to ultimately change the face of ovarian cancer.

Every discovery we make today, and every milestone leads us to tomorrow’s breakthrough. There is a great urgency to our work and a momentum that cannot be stopped. Our collective perseverance is essential to achieving our goals. Without you, this would not be possible. Today, each dollar is that much harder to earn, but the appreciation we have for every dollar donated is even greater.

To this end, in 2023 we will sharpen our focus, take on challenges, drive change, fuel progress and move forward together to improve outcomes.