Highlights from the Fall Symposium: Learning, connecting, and making an impact

Weeks ago, people from across the country tuned in for Ovarian Cancer Canada’s Fall Symposium. The program featured a wide range of presentations, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, interactive workshops, and networking groups, plus opportunities to unwind with yoga, mind-blowing magic, and more.

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Hosted entirely online, the two-day event provided a safe space for open conversation. Powerful testimonials from Teal Sisters and community champions shed light on vital sources of inspiration.

Charlotte Cook-Dowsett of Winnipeg, Manitoba seizes every opportunity to inform people about ovarian cancer and the work of Ovarian Cancer Canada. Charlotte shared her tips on using social media to find Teal Sisters across Canada and to support this important cause. “As much as I am just one person, I’m a loud one […] I feel like I try and be positive as often as possible, but I also want to be real,” says Charlotte.

Informative sessions encompassed coping with a new diagnosis to managing side effects to navigating the system of care to having conversations with family about genetics. Also, a panel discussed the importance of genetic testing and how women and families can benefit from knowing their genes.

Katie Lark, a pre-vivor who inherited a genetic mutation associated with ovarian cancer, shared her experience undergoing preventive surgery. “I wish I had known more young people such as myself, in their late twenties and single, going through this, to talk to. Someone to relate to what it’s like. This is one of the reasons why I thought it would be great to be a part of this panel,” says Katie. “I want to share my story and I want to be able to help people out there, young and old, with the things I’ve learned. And I want women, young and old, to feel comfortable with what they’re going through and know that even if we’re not in the same city or province, I’m available to help them through their journey.”

A session held in French invited people to explore and express their emotions through colouring and drawing in a workshop led by Sandra Viviana Murillo Moralesocc, a Teal Sister living with ovarian cancer.

“Connection is not only about empathy, but also about compassion. Sharing my drawing technique with compassion brought me joy and hope. I felt part of a community, focused on enjoying the present moment, despite the reality of the challenges any of us lived or continue to overcome,” says Sandra.

Recordings from the Fall Symposium are available now.

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