Ovarian Cancer Canada's National Symposium 2022

In November, over 600 people came together virtually in both English and French sessions to learn from experts in the field and connect with Teal Sisters living with ovarian cancer.

Over two nights, the community discussed a host of topics ranging from the impact of diagnosis and understanding recurrence, through to the research that is creating a brighter future for those affected by and at risk of this disease.

“Living your best life with ovarian cancer is about embracing the humanity of it and being curious about all of the things that are available to you to learn,” shared Psychotherapist Jennifer Turner, as she led Living well with ovarian cancer – The impacts of a diagnosis. Dr. Turner was joined by Teal Sisters living with ovarian cancer of different stages, diagnoses, and backgrounds to explore strategies for maintaining emotional wellbeing from diagnosis and throughout treatment.

During this session and others, Teal Sisters connected with the work being done by experts to provide powerful insights into their lived experiences as women affected by this disease. “Through sharing my story, I hope that I’m able to be that face to somebody…I just want to be that person that I was looking for when I was going through treatments,” shared Teal Sister, Starla Fiddler during one of our English sessions.

As a safe space for heartfelt discussions, National Symposium attendees were invited to share their questions during interactive Q&A sessions and spark discussions of their own in the live chat.

In our French language symposium, Teal Sister Julia Laliberté met with Valerie Dinh, Ovarian Cancer Canada’s Regional Director for Quebec to share her story and discuss the importance of giving back. Dre Diane Provencher, gynae oncologist at Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) was joined by Teal Sisters, Annie-France Gingras and Nancy Pomerleau in sharing how PARP inhibitors are changing ovarian cancer treatment.

There was also space for celebration of our dedicated volunteers. Sarah Truscott shared the 2022 recipients of the Peggy Truscott Award of Hope, awarded to outstanding community members dedicated to making meaningful change and calling much needed attention to this cause.

Ovarian Cancer Canada's National Symposium

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