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Jun 17, 2022

One woman’s journey across Canada

Bianca is a cyclist training to set the women’s Guinness World Record for fastest trans-Canada Ride, while raising $1 million for ovarian cancer research, advocacy, and support initiatives.


Ovarian Cancer Canada leading new research initiatives in Nova Scotia

Ovarian Cancer Canada is leading an international movement to galvanize Canada’s ovarian cancer research community. This effort has increased research capacity, unlocked insights into rarer forms of the disease, addressed urgent needs for data and tissues, and brought hope to thousands of women and their families.


The CEO Blog: Harnessing the power of community

A new season is upon us. Spring has arrived across Canada, and it brings with it a sense of renewal, a breeze of optimism. As we look to the days, weeks, and months ahead, I think about how far we have come as an organization, and as a growing community. From coast to coast to coast, we’re all brought together with one thing in common – the determination and selflessness to help save lives.


Apr 25, 2022

A Breath of Fresh Hair

Driven by a desire to make a difference in the lives of others affected by this disease, Ann launched a head-shaving fundraiser in Victoria, British Columbia called ‘A Breath of Fresh Hair.’


Jan 11, 2022

The path ahead is bright

CEO Tania Vrionis shares how your donations are put to work immediately. By providing information, supports and building capacity for ovarian cancer research, we are taking Canada by storm. Find out why the path ahead is bright.


Dec 7, 2021

Ovarian Cancer Canada and the Cancer Research Society invest $2.25 million

Ovarian Cancer Canada and the Cancer Research Society invest $2.25 million in ovarian cancer research: Funding for 10 new projects just announced


Highlights from the Fall Symposium

Weeks ago, people from across the country tuned in for Ovarian Cancer Canada’s Fall Symposium. The program featured a wide range of presentations, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, interactive workshops, and networking groups, plus opportunities to unwind with yoga, mind-blowing magic, and more.


USask, Ovarian Cancer Canada, and Province of Saskatchewan team up

A University of Saskatchewan (USask) project will create the province’s only tumour bank and—for the first time in Canada—offer ovarian cancer patients testing to learn if biologic drugs can control their illness.


Aug 17, 2021

Harnessing the power of vaccines to treat ovarian cancer

Most of us have recently heard a great deal about how vaccines help protect against the serious effects of COVID-19. But did you know that vaccines can also be used to treat disease?


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