Ovarian Cancer Canada and the Quebec-Clinical Research Organization in Cancer (Q-CROC) are teaming up to optimize the support available to women affected by ovarian cancer in Quebec.


“Working collaboratively with partners is essential to make the greatest impact, serve those who need us most and reach more people experiencing ovarian cancer. We are proud to partner with Q-CROC to provide the ovarian cancer community in Quebec access to vital resources and information about clinical trials that have the potential to improve survival and quality of life,” says Tania Vrionis, CEO, Ovarian Cancer Canada.

A clinical trial is a type of research study that tests health interventions (for example, a new medication) on people. Clinical trials provide access to experimental treatments that could eventually become the next standard treatments.

“Q-CROC is pleased to collaborate with Ovarian Cancer Canada, an organization that advocates for the health and wellbeing of women with ovarian cancer, and others at risk of this disease while advancing research to save lives. By working together, our two organizations will improve access to ovarian cancer clinical trials in Quebec,” says Lucie D’Amours, General Manager of Q-CROC.

In Quebec, there are approximately 30 clinical trials currently open in Montreal, Laval, Quebec City and Sherbrooke. In 2022, approximately 40 women affected by ovarian cancer took part in a clinical trial.

Increased participation in clinical research is an important goal to support the development of tomorrow’s treatments and to provide a better understanding of the disease.

To find out which clinical trials are recruiting participants in Quebec, visit  www.oncoquebec.com.

For more information about clinical trials and your ovarian cancer experience, check out Ovarian Cancer Canada’s information and resources.