Ovarian Cancer Canada announces its annual Walk of Hope to raise funds for the deadliest women’s cancer

To join or donate to one of the walks across Canada on September 10*, visit www.ovariancancerwalkofhope.ca

CANADA, August 22 - It’s time to pick up the pace and improve outcomes for the 3,000 Canadian women a year diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Held annually during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in September, the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope event has raised more than $32 million since 2002. On September 10, thousands will participate in 24 walks in communities across the country. Participants can register to attend an in-person or virtual Walk.

“Our organization is driving ovarian cancer research faster than ever before and the groundbreaking work we lead is changing the landscape of available treatment options. This research is possible because of the support of our participants, donors and volunteers across the country at our annual Walk,” says Tania Vrionis, CEO, Ovarian Cancer Canada. “One out of every two people diagnosed with this disease will not live another five years and we will not rest until women are able to live their lives freely, fully and uninhibited by ovarian cancer.”

Ovarian Cancer Canada is the only national charity dedicated to overcoming this disease and its Walk is the only walk in Canada to direct all attention and fundraising towards improving and saving the lives of people with ovarian cancer. This year’s fundraising goal is $1.65 million.

The Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope is rooted in the community and was founded by Peggy Truscott in 2002. Peggy wanted to create a place where families and individuals living with ovarian cancer could connect with one another, surrounded by a community of support. With truckloads of sunflowers and her loved ones in tow, Peggy started a movement.

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*The Walk in Charlottetown, PEI happens on Saturday, September 9, 2023.

For further information:

Julie De Liberato, Marketing and Communications Director, Ovarian Cancer Canada, jdeliberato@ovariancanada.org.

Irisa Chan, Account Manager, Paradigm Public Relations, ichan@paradigmpr.ca.

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