Canada’s ovarian cancer research community is pushing the boundaries of how research is conducted, and what is possible to achieve on an accelerated timeframe.

We are grateful and proud to announce that Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC) is one of the recipients of the Government of Canada’s Strategic Science Fund (SSF).

“We know the time for research investment is now and we are grateful that ovarian cancer remains a priority in Canada. These funds are critical in continuing the momentum and fueling progress. And OCC will use this important funding to transform lives,” says Tania Vrionis, CEO, OCC.

OCC, our network of researchers, clinicians, and our patient community across Canada, applaud the government’s commitment and investment in women’s health. We know the time for research investment is now and are pleased to see that ovarian remains a priority in Canada and are grateful for establishing new ways to fund research for organizations like OCC that are not served by other federal funding programs.

Recipients of the SSF are conducting internationally competitive, cutting-edge research and translating that research and knowledge into action in important areas that will improve the health, economic and social well-being of Canadians now and in the future. Recipients were selected through a new competitive, merit-based and transparent process, informed by the advice of an independent expert review panel.