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    Teal tea group guidelines

    To ensure everyone can make the most of this time in a safe and inclusive environment, please uphold the following guidelines.


    Ovarian Cancer Canada’s research forum: building a pipeline of progress

    This event brings together researchers and Teal Sisters from across Canada to discuss the research that is changing ovarian cancer treatment and care. Recorded on June 8, 2022


    Learning to manage your fear of cancer recurrence | Ovarian Cancer Canada speaker series

    In this session Professor Sophie Lebel, a clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Ottawa, shares insights and strategies on managing your fear of cancer recurrence. She is joined by Teal Sister Andrea Bodchon, who shares her personal experience with ovarian cancer and recurrence.


    Lunch and learn: living an ACTIVE life with and beyond cancer

    Living an ACTIVE life with and beyond cancer with Julianna Dreger, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, University of Calgary’s Health and Wellness Lab, and Manuel Ester, PhD Candidate discusses the benefits of physical activity for individuals living with and beyond gynecological cancer. Find tips for becoming and staying active, planning to move more, and a wide range of free cancer-specific exercise resources available to support active living.


    Lunch and learn: complementary therapies

    This Lunch and Learn session hosted by Dr. Lynda G. Balneaves, from the Faculty of Nursing, University of Manitoba looks at complementary therapies such as herbs, vitamins, acupuncture, massage, and yoga. Dr. Balneaves discusses credible sources of information, including the risks and benefits associated with these therapies.


    Ovarian Cancer Canada & Cancer Care Manitoba | Lunch and learn: improving bowel habits through diet

    Robin Chambers, Oncology Dietitian, with CancerCare Manitoba leads this virtual information session that informs your dietary habits to help you manage the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment that can interfere with bowel habits. Learn about symptoms and causes of common bowel problems such as constipation, blockage, diarrhea and gas or bloating.


    The 411 on sexual changes after cancer | Ovarian Cancer Canada Speaker Series

    Do you have questions about sex and your sexuality after a cancer diagnosis? In this session, get the 411 on sexual changes after cancer with Dr. Anne Katz, certified sexuality counselor and Clinical Nurse Specialist at CancerCare Manitoba.


    Getting to know your oncology pharmacist | Ovarian Cancer Canada Speaker Series

    Your oncology pharmacist is there for you throughout your cancer journey. Oncology pharmacists are medication experts and assist in the decision-making process, counsel patients and address concerns that may arise from the patient or caregiver. In this session led by Erin Francis, Oncology Pharmacist, learn how your oncology pharmacist works with the other members of your healthcare team and how their expertise helps in managing your cancer treatment and throughout your cancer journey.


    Navigating the system of care

    Oncology nurse navigators are available at some, but not all, cancer centres and hospitals. They are improving supportive care of people in treatment by enabling informed decision making and helping to overcome barriers to care. Here, nurse navigators share what every cancer patient needs to know and provide actionable advice on how to get what you need from a complex health system, regardless of whether your cancer centre has navigators in place.


    Integrative medicine

    Combining conventional treatment with complementary therapies, integrative cancer therapy is aimed at managing symptoms and side effects. Find out how to build your care team, and hear how a multi-disciplinary team can work together to treat the whole person using different therapies proven to improve quality of life by reducing fatigue, pain, and anxiety.