A new season is upon us. Spring has arrived across Canada, and it brings with it a sense of renewal, a breeze of optimism. As we look to the days, weeks, and months ahead, I think about how far we have come as an organization, and as a growing community. From coast to coast to coast, we’re all brought together with one thing in common – the determination and selflessness to help save lives.

In the brief time that I have been with Ovarian Cancer Canada, I have seen this day in and day out, in the conversations I have with those living with the disease, researchers and experts, and everyone in between. It’s quite remarkable.

I’m constantly reminded how far we have come. From the ladyballs campaign that put ovarian cancer on the map in Canada, to individual voices and actions keeping it on the map, we’ve come too far to slow down. We are advocating for better tomorrows, for the next big breakthrough, for a brighter future. It’s our duty.

World Ovarian Cancer Day is quickly approaching on May 8. It’s a global day of recognition – a day to bring our voices to the forefront and demand attention. We have the stage and it’s time to own the spotlight. I want to see us come together, raise our voices louder, wear our teal with pride and further progress against this disease.

On the global stage, leaders in ovarian cancer are collaborative and engaged in vital work, learning from one another. Ovarian Cancer Canada has made leaps and bounds and is at the core of this progress, and while it’s a long game, I truly believe we are on the cusp of the next breakthrough.

The infusion of research in the last four years has been moving the needle substantially. Current research projects range from the development of tools that enable study of ovarian cancer to testing new drugs to clinical trials. We know our work is making an impact. Hope is within reach.

The Ovarian Cancer Canada staff team spans across the country, and we are filling in where the system can fall short, seeing to the information and support needs of people at all stages of their journeys.

We are reaching people at high risk for this disease with life-saving information on how to prevent the disease before it starts, bringing opportunities to hear the latest developments from leading researchers, and providing vital forums for people to share and connect in a safe space. These programs represent important lifelines that our community deserves.

Relentless. That is the word that comes to mind when I think about our community and the energy that spurs us on further. There is no giving up or holding back. It is about helping in all ways – supporting a fellow Teal Sister living with ovarian cancer to fundraising to sitting on research review panels to donating monthly, the heart and the strength is front and center.

This World Ovarian Cancer Day let’s harness that power of community to reach even more people affected by ovarian cancer, others at high risk for this disease, and concerned citizens who know everyone deserves to live their best lives. Together, we can and will improve outcomes. The time is now.

To learn how you can get involved on World Ovarian Cancer Day, follow Ovarian Cancer Canada on social media and keep an eye out for teal posts.

To further this important work, please consider making a donation. Your support ensures that Ovarian Cancer Canada can continue to be here for everyone who needs us. Please give generously.