Happy New Year to you. I hope you enjoyed a safe and meaningful holiday. This season of giving, the community reached deep into their hearts and wallets in support of our campaign to give hope.

A message from CEO Tania Vrionis

Today, these contributions are already at work as we continue to deliver enhanced programs that empower people with the latest information and bring support to those living with this disease. These hard-earned dollars are also helping to build capacity for research; ensuring the availability of raw materials scientists need for their critical work and creating opportunities that attract top talent to this field of study.

Our multimillion-dollar investment in research is in full effect with leading scientists and women living with this disease collaborating to determine which projects will make the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. Current projects range from the development of tools that enable study of ovarian cancer to testing new drugs to clinical trials that engage eligible volunteers. Researchers are starting to deliver preliminary results to inform next steps and future directions.

Indeed, the path ahead is bright. At the same time, it’s only through continued funding and research efforts that we will be able to improve outcomes for women living with ovarian cancer and change the course of this disease for good. It will take hard work, but Ovarian Cancer Canada and our community are ready to rise to the challenge — under no uncertain terms — as we’ve come too far to stop or even slow down.

What keeps me up at night are the project proposals still on the table. There can be no stones left unturned as we search for improved treatments for this complicated disease. We urgently need to press on, taking a sustainable approach that supports long-term research investments. You can bet that we have our sights set on what’s next.

My vision is for us to take Canada by storm, to reach even more people affected by ovarian cancer, others at high risk for this disease, and concerned citizens who know everyone deserves to live their best lives. This women’s health issue demands focus and ongoing attention. Towards this goal, the team at Ovarian Cancer Canada is relentless.

With hope within reach, we continue to need your help

Every dollar you invest directly, and every time you engage with these efforts, is absolutely worth it. Ovarian Cancer Canada is affecting change, spanning from access to drugs and improved care through to research that is already changing lives. We are here for all of it, as much as we continue to be here for everyone who need us.

If you haven’t already done so, please join me in giving what you can to support our mission.