Funding period

Oct 2022 - March 2024



About the project

Low-grade serous ovarian cancer (LGSOC) is a rare type of ovarian cancer that often affects younger women. It tends to grow slowly but can spread early, making it difficult to treat and often incurable. Sadly, there aren’t many treatment options available for women with LGSOC, partly because there aren’t enough good research models to study it.

To tackle this problem, Dr. Carey and his team are building a big collection of research models specifically for LGSOC. These models will be thoroughly studied at a molecular level, looking at things like which genes and proteins are active or mutated.

To build upon this further, Dr. Carey’s team is also working on new three-dimensional (3D) culture models in collaboration with Dr. Trevor Shepherd at Western University. These 3D models will better reflect tumor architecture than traditional 2D cell culture models and are an excellent resource to evaluate potential drug treatments and combinations for LGSOC patients.

Adapted from figure provided by Carey team