Funding period

Sept 2023 - Aug 2025



from Ovarian Cancer Canada

About the project

Current treatments for advanced ovarian cancers often fall short, highlighting the urgent need for new and more effective therapies. To achieve this, it’s crucial to deepen our understanding of the molecular underpinnings of ovarian cancer and pinpoint the proteins crucial for its development and progression. Evidence suggests that dysregulation of RNA modifications plays a role in tumorigenesis. Our preliminary research indicates that a specific protein involved in RNA modifications may promote ovarian cancer growth.

In this proposal, we aim to unravel the molecular mechanisms governing the pro-tumorigenic functions of this protein. By doing so, we hope to uncover new therapeutic targets for ovarian cancer treatment, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for patients battling this disease. Through our efforts, we aspire to contribute to the development of more effective treatments that offer renewed hope to individuals affected by ovarian cancer.

a double helix close up

a double helix close up