Demanding action, delivering change and transforming lives

Ovarian Cancer Canada is filling a gap. We need to be here. And to reach this point, we’ve been working shoulder to shoulder with our community who have dedicated their time, effort, and hard-earned dollars to this cause. For that, I say thank you. We’ve needed you every step of the way, and we need you to stand up with us now more than ever to help push our mission forward.

There’s an urgency that underpins all our work. It is timely to re-examine the role of Ovarian Cancer Canada in the context of how we can make the greatest impact today and for generations to come. That’s why we have been taking a critical look at our work.

We are making strategic and well-informed choices about who we are as an organization, our evolution and growth, and how we can achieve our winning aspiration. We are setting an ambitious direction for the future and part of this process has been engagement with our broader community. We invited participation and input from community members, staff and volunteers, partners and funders, clinicians, health care professionals, researchers, and the public. We held focus groups bringing leading minds together to confront our challenges and opportunities head on. We are grateful for the feedback and candid insights.

At Ovarian Cancer Canada’s Research Forum, I was proud to discuss our strategic plan and our way forward with those in attendance, and a recording is available online for you to view.

Ovarian Cancer Canada’s way forward

Our strategic plan looks to the future and guides our work. Our plan builds on our past successes and delivers a new vision to meet future challenges.

We asked ourselves: what does winning mean for us? What do we strive to accomplish through this strategic plan? We will be the ovarian cancer research engine that sustainably drives health outcomes, influences system changes, and improves the quality of life for women with ovarian cancer and those at high risk of the disease.

We are a growing force, and we are committed to meeting the diverse needs and voices of this community. The feedback, ideas, and insights offered throughout the strategic planning process helped to uncover a new mission, vision, and set of values. We will continue to evolve and disrupt the norm because it is our time to boldly and unapologetically take action against this disease.

At Ovarian Cancer Canada, we reject the notion that ovarian cancer can’t be eradicated. We are here to demand action, deliver change, and transform lives. We stand hand-in-hand with the people experiencing, affected by, or at risk of the disease.

We will not rest until women are able to live their lives freely, fully, and uninhibited by ovarian cancer.

We are stronger and more determined than ever before. We will be the changemakers you need us to be. And we hope that you see yourself in our work and I hope I can count on you to help us achieve our goals.