If you have been recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, or are facing a diagnosis or recurrence, you may be overwhelmed and have many questions. The important thing to know is that you are not alone.

The ovarian cancer community is supportive, guiding, resourceful, and ready to help you through this journey.

Here are some ways you can create connections:

Meet your Teal Sisters living with ovarian cancer

Join other people with ovarian cancer at our online Teal Tea gatherings. Hosted monthly, these online group gatherings offer a space for building connections and fostering conversations among others in your community.

Connect with community experts and supporters

Attend an education event to hear directly from experts sharing knowledge on topics relevant to your journey. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, as well as give and receive community advice.

Order a free resource guide

Developed by Ovarian Cancer Canada in close partnership with a team of experts and those diagnosed, ’Understanding ovarian cancer: A comprehensive patient guide' can help support and inform you at any stage of your ovarian cancer experience.

Learn about ovarian cancer

Knowledge is power – knowing more about the disease can help you better understand your journey, and help answer questions you may have. You have the power to choose just how much or how little information you want to know.

Join the online discussion

OVdialogue is Ovarian Cancer Canada's online discussion board. It is an active and vibrant community accessible 24/7 where people with ovarian cancer can connect to share information, experiences, and provide support and encouragement for each other.

Explore resources and videos

From past webinars on how to manage symptoms, discussions with others living with ovarian cancer to handouts with questions you can bring to your next appointment, there is something for everyone.

Peer support programs

Ovarian Cancer Canada, in partnership with Wellspring Cancer Support, provides various peer support programs to support those diagnosed and living with ovarian cancer.


I found that I did not want to burden my family and friends (although they had their fair share) with the emotions of cancer; I found talking to other women who were going through the same things was the most helpful – They understand. No one else can really ‘get it.’


Creating connections

Additional questions?

Our staff are available to answer your questions and provide support via telephone or email.

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