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Aug 21, 2023

Ovarian Cancer Canada announces its annual Walk of Hope to raise funds for the deadliest women’s cancer

 It’s time to pick up the pace and improve outcomes for the 3,000 Canadian women a year diagnosed with ovarian cancer.


Jun 30, 2023

Time to lace up and save lives

Beau’s 5K for Ovarian Cancer Canada is back on July 8 for its eighth consecutive year. This event is inspired by Ashley Courtois (Cowan), whose friends and family started this race when Ashley was diagnosed. The event started small and grew each year during Ashley’s journey which ended in 2018. To date, the event has raised over $288,000 in honour of her strength, spirit and love for running.


Jun 22, 2023

CEO Blog: Ovarian Cancer Canada’s way forward

Ovarian Cancer Canada is filling a gap. We need to be here. And to reach this point, we’ve been working shoulder to shoulder with our community who have dedicated their time, effort, and hard-earned dollars to this cause.


Jun 16, 2023

Celebrating our communities in Quebec

In May, we invited community members in Quebec to gather for two very special evenings and make new connections with neighbours, community leaders, the Ovarian Cancer Canada team and researchers.


Apr 17, 2023

Ensuring progress continues for generations to come

“Ovarian cancer is a terrible disease…we never gave up hope that she would survive it,” says John Buttimor, of Peterborough, Ontario.


Mar 15, 2023

Mar 15, 2023

Ovarian Cancer Canada and the Quebec-Clinical Research Organization in Cancer team up to improve access to vital resources

Ovarian Cancer Canada and the Quebec-Clinical Research Organization in Cancer (Q-CROC) are teaming up to optimize the support available to women affected by ovarian cancer in Quebec.


Feb 15, 2023

Advocacy in action: Making game-changing PARP Inhibitors accessible for women in Prince Edward Island

Women living in Prince Edward Island (PEI) now have access to precision treatments for ovarian cancer, thanks to Ovarian Cancer Canada’s advocacy efforts.


Feb 8, 2023

Canadian innovation in ovarian cancer research can save the lives of women in Canada and around the world

Every 5 hours, we lose someone we love to ovarian cancer in Canada. Ovarian cancer is the most fatal women’s cancer and sadly, one in two diagnosed do not live to see another five years.


Jan 9, 2023

CEO Blog: It’s time to be bold

Happy New Year to you. As we launch into the year ahead, it’s time to be bold.


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