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    Early Cancer Detection using Cell-Free DNA Sequencing

    Join Julia Sobotka, Research Genetic Counsellor and Program Manager of the CHARM consortium, for a deep dive into the hereditary factors that can lead to ovarian cancer. In this session you will learn about the differences between sporadic and hereditary cancer, and Julia will explore cell-free DNA testing, its benefits and limitations in relation to early cancer detection, and discuss a new clinical trial using cell-free DNA testing for early cancer detection in patients with hereditary cancer syndromes.


    Research Forum: Accelerating Progress, creating Impact

    We are leading projects and funding studies that will change ovarian cancer outcomes for good. Discover how we are driving ovarian cancer research in Canada faster than ever before.

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    Talking to your family doctor about: Ovarian cancer

    To help you and your family doctor have an effective conversation about ovarian cancer, you can use this self advocacy tool.


    Building your toolbox: Healthy eating tips and recipes

    Find out about healthy eating practices and learn how to manage some of the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments and get some great recipes to try in your own home.


    Ovarian cancer and medical cannabis

    Join Dr. Jacob McGee, Dr. Kristin Black, and Renée Resendes on April 11th to discuss the latest information about medical cannabis use for patients with ovarian cancer.

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    Support resources

    A comprehensive guide to support and inform those who have recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

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    Peer support programs

    Ovarian Cancer Canada, in partnership with Wellspring Cancer Support, provides various peer support programs to support those diagnosed and living with ovarian cancer.


    Unpacking palliative: The myths and the realities

    Enhance your understanding of palliative care by unpacking the concept and clearing up common myths.  Advanced care planning strategies and resources are also shared.


    Manitoba Ovarian Cancer Research Symposium

    An opportunity to hear from researchers, scientists, and a Gynecological Oncologist about the research happening in Manitoba that will impact progress across the country.


    Writing through cancer: How writing can be healing

    A one-hour exploration of the power of writing to help you navigate through the cancer experience. Join Dr. Sharon Bray, to take a brief look at the benefits and method of healing writing.