Regardless of gender, everyone born with ovaries has some degree of risk for ovarian cancer.

In addition to affecting people who identify as women, this disease also affects people in the trans and non-binary communities. So, while it’s often referred to as a women’s health issue, this disease has many different faces — Ovarian Cancer Canada is here for every one of them. Discussions on equity, diversity and inclusion are ongoing to ensure that our work brings justice and direct benefit to all people affected by this disease.

Following completion of the most comprehensive survey in Canada, focused on the experience of ovarian cancer, it’s clear that more needs to be done to reach racialized and marginalized communities. Our team is actively working to do better, asking questions, and learning from your stories to affect meaningful change.

Because everyone impacted by ovarian cancer deserves to live fuller, better, longer lives.

We want to hear from you.

To share your insights, please contact Alison Ross, Director of Disease Information and Education at 1 877 413-7970 extension 237 or at