Study Period

April 2020 - May 2022



Canadian women with ovarian cancer, from 11 provinces/territories

About the project

The Every Woman StudyTM: Canadian Edition is the most comprehensive study to date exploring patient-reported experiences of ovarian cancer on a national scale. An online survey conducted in Fall 2020 included individuals diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Canada, reporting responses from 557 women from 11 Canadian provinces/territories.

Median age at diagnosis was 54 (11–80), 61% were diagnosed between 2016–2020, 59% were stage III/IV and all types of ovarian cancer were represented. Overall, 23% had a family history of ovarian cancer, 75% had genetic testing and 19% reported having a BRCA1/2 mutation. Most (87%) had symptoms prior to diagnosis. A timely diagnosis of ovarian cancer (≤3 months from first presentation with symptoms) was predicted by age (>50) or abdominal pain/persistent bloating as the primary symptom. Predictors of an acute diagnosis (<1 month) included region, ER/urgent care doctor as first healthcare provider or stage III/IV disease. Regional differences in genetic testing, treatments and clinical trial participation were also noted. Respondents cited substantial physical, emotional, practical and financial impacts of an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

Our national survey has revealed differences in the pathway to diagnosis and post-diagnostic care among Canadian women with ovarian cancer, with region, initial healthcare provider, specific symptoms and age playing key roles. We have identified many opportunities to improve both clinical and supportive care of ovarian cancer patients across the country.

Visual summary of OCC's Every Woman Study