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    Cannabis and cancer: What you need to know

    While many claim medical cannabis can help manage symptoms related to cancer and side effects of treatment, scientific evidence is limited. In fact, studies on the effectiveness of cannabis has shown mixed results. This session considers the latest information, examines the risks and benefits of cannabis, and sheds light on ongoing research.


    How the pandemic affects cancer care

    While safe pathways to cancer care are available, the experience of medical appointments changed in efforts to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19. Find out how to get the most out of your virtual visits. Hear about key learnings in healthcare from over the course of the pandemic, and get practical advice on how you can be your best advocate in the new normal.


    Powered by impact: Panel discussion

    Hear from community champions about how this important cause affects their lives and how they are giving back.


    Powered by impact

    Learn about the impact made possible by your donations and fundraising in support of Ovarian Cancer Canada.


    The power of genetics: What it means to you and your family

    Learning about your genetic makeup can help your healthcare team target treatment, or even help save the lives of those you love. A panel discusses the importance of knowing your genes, whether you are in treatment, concerned about the health and wellbeing of your family, or both. Look forward to practical advice on talking to your family about genetics and how certain gene mutations affect risk for ovarian cancer and other diseases. Featuring Sylvia Horn, Teal Sister; Katie Lark, Pre-vivor; Jeanna McCuaig, Genetic Counsellor, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre; Peggy Pickett, Teal Sister. Moderated by Alicia Tone, Scientific Advisor, Ovarian Cancer Canada


    Scientific progress against ovarian cancer

    Dr. Stéphanie Lheureux, Clinician Investigator, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre; Dr. Claude Perreault, Principal Investigator, Immunobiology Research Unit, IRIC, Université de Montréal; Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden, Corinne Boyer Chair in Ovarian Cancer Research, University of Ottawa In its third of five years, Ovarian Cancer Canada’s OvCAN initiative is seeing initial results. Hear about scientific models being finalized, new drugs being tested, and clinical trials getting underway. This, as Ovarian Cancer Canada continues to build scientific capacity by expanding tissue banks, providing grants and awards for young scientists, and continuing strategic partnerships. Hope is on the horizon.


    An account of ovarian cancer in Canada

    Nearly 600 Canadians diagnosed with ovarian cancer shared their lived experiences in a comprehensive study focused on the impact of this disease.


    Living with resilience in the face of uncertainty

    This presentation provides insights into coping with a diagnosis and finding a path to awareness and opportunities for growth.


    An introduction to mindfulness

    The practice of mindfulness and related tools can be used to support many aspects of the ovarian cancer journey. This session will introduce you to the principles of mindfulness as well as the benefits, which can include stress reduction, self-awareness and improved wellbeing. You’ll also learn about practices you can bring into your everyday life.


    Time to laugh

    Following her ovarian cancer diagnosis, Karen was determined to turn her pain into punchlines. Having toured nationally for over 25 years, she’s inspired to share her humour and positive outlook with others far and wide.